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        Here at Surrisi we are always designing and creating new watches, but we need your help!  If you would like any watch design but would like something modified ("Could you put a black stone instead of a white one?") just let us know.  Or, if you get a moment of artistic inspiration, create your own watch entirely.  We love to match watches to people, so if you tell us exactly what you want it makes our job even more fun and easy.  


  1. If you want to make some slight adjustments to a watch pictured on this website or in our catalog, give us a call or email.  Slight adjustments include: different band color, different dial color or different stones.  We'll contact you with a timeframe and a price.  

  2. If you want to design the entire inlay for your watch you can:
    1) Follow the following links to a design template, 
    2) Print out the corresponding watch template, 
    3) Color the template with the colors of matching stones (see the list and colors of stones with each template), 
    4) Pick the color of the dial and band.
    5) Get your art to us!  If you have scanner access you could email your color drawing to us, otherwise you can mail the picture us using regular mail.  

Template for the Custom Corrales.
Template for the Custom Cuneo.

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